Our Values

We have been incorporated since 2001 and operate under the trade name: 3i Financial. The official name of the company is International Investment and Insurance Advisors and Associates. We are a community-based organization providing a comprehensive financial service solution to help you reach your goals. Our leaders are actively involved in their respective communities to enrich the lives of the people they meet.

Our single-minded focus on performance drives us to be outstanding in our service delivery, in offering a complete range of products, and in recognition of whom we work on behalf of.

We appreciate and respect the relationships we build with our clients, employees, business partners and the communities we serve in. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best customer service in the industry. We strive to maintain and incorporate the company’s core values into every decision we make.

Within our organization, regardless of one’s native language, colour or sex, the only factor that matters to us is performance. We believe this removes any political bias from the decision-making process. When we meet with prospective new employees to discuss employment opportunities, we recognize and understand that each individual wants equal opportunity for success in the workplace. At 3i Financial, we value the character and performance of a person regardless of who they are.

When collaborating with our stakeholders, we are strongly committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and practices. We believe that ethical practices and behaviours should be a key factor in a company’s corporate culture. Our core values are reflected in our actions and we take great pride in adhering to those values.

Ethical Conduct

The interests of our clients are, and always will be, our main concern and top priority. We make every decision with the right ethical conduct and our client’s best interest in mind.


We believe in creating a trusting and strong partnership with our clients, employees, business partners and the communities we serve.


Ensuring that our clients clearly understand all of the choices available and the implications that follow each is one of our many responsibilities. We closely monitor and follow up with each client’s situation to protect and assure that their needs are being met.


Each client is different, which means that we have to approach each situation and circumstance in a unique manner. In order to reach each goal, we have to be creative with our service delivery because we want to reflect their individuality in our actions.


We openly embrace diversity through a variety of ways, such as thought, language, and culture, on a daily basis. We can move forward and improve as an organization by listening to and respecting each individual’s views and opinions. We recognize that diversity helps promote innovation, stimulate teamwork, creativity and allow us to expand into other markets that we may not otherwise be able to reach.


We constantly strive to improve our efficiency in order to successfully exceed the expectations of clients, employees, business partners, and the communities we serve.