Individual Investment

At 3i Financial Investment Services Inc, we believe that it is a great advantage for us to be able to offer our clients a complete range of mutual funds and labour sponsored funds from the leading mutual fund companies.

We analyze the companies whose products we offer in terms of;

  • Depth of product offering,
  • Level of client support,
  • Experience,
  • Honesty & integrity,
  • Management expense ratios (MER’s),
  • Additional fees,
  • History of success.

Next, we look at the individual fund managers, and individual fund performance over the short, medium, and long-term. Once we have identified the individual companies and funds that meet our criteria, we then monitor both the companies and the funds on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to meet our requirements. Our experience has taught us that it is crucial to stay on top of any changes made to individual fund managers or any material changes taking place at the companies themselves.

We utilize a financial planning approach in which we obtain as much information about you as possible during our initial meeting so that we can really understand your total financial situation. The next step is for us to analyze your immediate and future needs, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Finally, we will prioritize recommendations and, with your authorization, we will incorporate these recommendations into a formal 3i Personal Financial Plan. Once your plan has been enacted we will schedule a follow up meeting with you in the future. By utilizing a financial planning approach we are better able to take into account your total needs such as liquidity, retirement, risk management, etc. We strongly believe that any investment plan must take into account these factors and must consider any tax benefits or consequences. When we recommend specific investment products we always put your interests first and foremost and believe that our financial planning approach is the best way to continue to match all your needs on an ongoing basis.

When it comes to specific investment selections we believe that it is vital to have a fundamental view. To determine a fundamental view it is necessary to study economic fundamentals as well as geopolitical events etc. One way that we have found to be extremely helpful to us in determining our view is to follow the money. By studying what the most experienced and successful investors in the world are saying and doing with their money, we come up with investment themes. Contrary to what some people think, we tend to believe that there is more credibility in a view that can be supported by economic fact, history, and some of the best investors in the world putting their own money on the line in support of it. Many financial researchers get paid whether or not they are correct in their view. Others only try to sell you the proprietary products offered by their firms. The real giants of investing are only paid when they are right, so they are usually right in their view.

In addition to studying the fundamentals, and following the money, we like to use technical analysis as a tool to help us to identify bull markets. Technical analysis is also beneficial in determining if a particular fund, market, currency, or commodity is maintaining its up-trend within the context of a long-term bull market. It can also be invaluable in determining when a bull market ends. One of the reasons that we like to select investment fund companies with a good depth of investment product offerings is because when the fundamental and technical conditions of a particular investment deteriorate, or just if it is under performing, we want you to be easily able to switch to a better investment within that company, and at no additional cost.

Within the context of your specific needs and our fundamental view, we also look for funds that have displayed superior long-term returns with lower volatilities than their comparable benchmarks.

We believe in approaching everything that we do in a conservative manner with a long-term view focused on adding value for the client. We appreciate your business and hope to continue to build on our relationship with you in the months and years to come. Since investing is not an exact science and returns can vary significantly from year to year, we always prefer to lean towards the side of caution when we select investment vehicles with the clear intention of preserving your precious capital every step of the way.