Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We recognize confidentiality is integral to building long-term relationships with our clients, employees, and business partners.

In diligently carrying out our role as your trusted advisor and company of choice, part of our duty is to obtain as much information as we can in regards to your personal and financial situation so that we can tailor a financial plan to meet your goals and manage any risks that you may be exposed to.

In exacting this level of due diligence with your financial matters, we take great effort to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information at a corporate level.

Some basic types of information that we would collect from you would include: your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and Social Insurance Number (SIN).

The types of additional information we may gather will depend on the types of products and services you require but may include information about your:

assets, liabilities, expenses, cash flow, goals, concerns, time horizon, risk tolerance, dependents information, etc.  Generally, we collect and utilize this information in order to:

  • Confirm your identity to protect you the client and 3i Financial against errors and fraud
  • Evaluate your financial needs in order to determine the appropriate products and services best suited for your unique situation
  • Determine your eligibility to receive certain products and services
  • Properly administer the products and services we provide
  • Comply with a variety of legal requirements such as tax reporting requirements under the Federal Income Tax Act
  • Assist us in understanding your current and future needs
  • To provide you with additional information about products and services

In addition, we will only keep your personal information on file for as long as it is needed to fulfill the aforementioned purposes, or as required by law.

Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

There are a number of reasons why we may ask for your Social Insurance Number (SIN), such as:

  • For the purposes of reporting capital gains, interest, or dividends, to Revenue Canada
  • We may also use your SIN number as a unique identifier so that when you call we can verify your identity
  • Situations may also arise where it is necessary to distinguish you from other client’s that could have the same name.


Disclosure of your personal financial information will be restricted only to those who require that information in order to successfully carry out their duty to you, such as:

  • Our employees who require the information in the performance of their duties
  • Mutual fund companies, insurance companies, MGA’s, and the mutual fund dealers that we utilize in carrying out our business
  • Service providers who require the information in the performance of their duties for us, such as mailings.  These providers have signed confidentiality agreements that are in accordance with our Corporate Privacy Principles
  • Any person or organization to whom you gave consent;

Withdrawal of Consent

You may withdraw your consent authorizing us to utilize your personal information and we will comply as long as there are no legal requirements preventing us from doing so.  Withdrawal of your consent may impact our ability to continue to provide you with financial products and services and could require the closure or transfer of your account (subject to any penalties charged by the mutual fund or insurance companies that are incurred as a result).

Service Providers

We may use third party service providers for various services such as: printing, mail distribution, information technology, and marketing.  Where any information is provided to third party service providers we require them to sign an agreement stating that this information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.

Special Offers and Marketing Promotions

From time to time, we may inform you of products or services that may be of interest to you.


We are committed to protecting your personal information from unauthorized access.  We do so by ensuring that all necessary physical, organizational, and technological safeguards remain in place at all times.  We do NOT SELL your personal information to anyone.  If you do not wish to receive any type of marketing/promotional information you may inform us by telephone, fax, or mail.  If you have any further questions or concerns about our privacy policies and procedures please contact us at:

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