Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

  • Provides your family with financial security if something were to happens to you
  • Provides protection to your family for a limited time
  • Gives flexibility on the length and amount of coverages¬†

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Lifelong coverage with a guaranteed acceptance or required a simple medical report
  • Premiums may never increase as you age
  • Build your savings to help live the life you want

Whole Life Insurance

  • Earn dividends to protect your family and estates
  • Lifetime coverage with cash value guarantees
  • Ability to choose how long to pay for premium and frequency

Universal Life Insurance

  • Provides lifetime coverage and helps in a tax advantage policy to save for the future
  • Amounts of premiums are invested where it grows tax advantage
  • Can make partial withdrawal

Sources: Investopedia, Sun Life Financial, RBC Insurance.

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