Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are insurance investment products that are similar to mutual funds; however, segregated funds must be issued in conjunction with a life insurance contract.

Individual Variable Insurance Contracts (IVIC’s)

IVIC’s are deferred annuity contracts between the policy owner and the insurance company.  The policy owner makes deposits and the insurance company then invests the money in segregated funds.  IVIC’s can be both registered and non-registered and can provide many additional benefits such as:

  • Guaranteed maturity values from 75-100% of your principal after 10 years
  • Possible options to reset the maturity guarantees for all funds held within the IVIC to lock in any gains until death or a new 10 year maturity date from date of reset
  • Creditor protection provided that a family class beneficiary has been named
  • Exclusion from probate fees provided that a family class beneficiary has been named
  • Provide a broad range of investment options similar to mutual funds
  • Ability to flow through capital losses to unit holders
  • Prorated dividend distributions based on the length of time that the funds have been held
  • Minimal designated beneficiary death benefit payment waiting periods