Living Benefits

Health & Dental Insurance

  • Covers the expenses that is not cover under the provincial plan
  • Help cover the costs of out of pocket services such dental, paramedical, ambulance services, hospital, prescription drugs and vision
  • For people who are losing coverage, self employed and does not have group benefits
  • Provides emergency travel medical

Source: Manulife, Healthquotes

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Provides assistances if you are unable to take care of yourself and for daily activities
  • Protects your retirement plans and choose the correct care when you need it
  • Covers the costs for care facility and caregiver
  • Must be incapable to perform at least 2 daily activities (eating, bathing or dressing) to receive benefits

Source: Ontario Health

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Provides additional coverage¬†for medical emergencies
  • One time payment lump if diagnosed with a critical illness
  • Covers the cost of daycare and renovation to make home more accessible

Disability Insurance

  • Protects you and your family if you are unable to work and earn an income
  • Replaces 65% to 85% of your income
  • Ability to transition back to work with partial benefits

Source: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Government of Ontario