Group Benefits

What is Group Benefits? Group Benefits plans provide coverage to a group of members that are part of an organization such as company employees. Group Benefits health plans are policy insurance that are offered at a low cost due do the spread across members of policyholders. Why is Group Benefits important? Thank your employees Your …

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Universal Life Insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance? Universal Life Insurance is a type of Permanent Life Insurance that includes investments that can grow over time and can be used to fund your policy. How does it Work? Universal life insurance is a great option for those who need life insurance and want to invest. Depending on how …

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Segregated Funds

What is Segregated Fund? A Segregated funds is an insurance investment product that functions similar to a mutual fund. The difference between mutual funds and segregated funds is they offer guarantees such as maturity and death benefits. The management expense ratio is usually higher than that of a mutual fund because of these guarantees. Segregated …

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Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance helps you and your family travel in peace.  A small accident can become a major expenditure. At 3i Financial, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best and most innovative travel insurance products in the marketplace. Products are chosen for their features, choices, affordability and ease of …

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Health & Dental Insurance

What Is Health & Dental Insurance? An insurance that helps to cover the cost of out of pocket expenses that is not cover under provincial health care plans.  Prescription Drugs Dental Hospital Vision Paramedical Ambulance Services Good for people who are losing coverage, self employed and does not have group benefits. Plans can be customized …

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